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End of the Road Resort and Tour
Our far away resort is on top of the continental divide in the Coclé Province of
The Republic of Panama.

The view from the Oville Dining Pavilion.

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The San Miguel Tour is a 3-7 day glimpse of remote mountain life in
the far mountain jungle of Coclé Panama.

This Tour Includes:

  • The Cucua Dancers will perform and the band will play into the evening.

  • A day at Mendoza Falls and fishing the San Miguel River.

  • Don Leonardo's Coffee field and trapiche tour with fresh coffee drinking.

  • The Real Panama Hat production series.

  • Daily artist work in the Cardenas Artesian Pavilian

  • Mountain climbing Cerro Viejo Mountain

  •  Eco Tour of local plant and wildlife including the Oteo and Yuca fields.

  • A day in the town of San Miguel and a baseball or soccer game.

  • Chicha Fuerte production and party.

  • Wild Toucan and rare mountain birds viewing tour.

  • Night life and dancing with local musicians.

  • Traditional housing with running water.

  • Showers and bathroom facilities.

  • Bilingual guides with a 20 year tradition in the community.

  • Transportation to and from Tocumen International Airport.

Cocle Tour Directors, Blake & Meli
will be your personal guides

Blake and Meli are both fluent in English and Spanish.  Blake's first trip to San Miguel was 1988 where Meli was the tour guide.  Blake, from the Panama Canal Zone, and Meli, from the Cocle Province, have a unique experience to provide you the most complete and entertaining tour of the Panama mountain region of Cocle Province. 



Cucua Dancers

This is our only tour that includes the Cucua Dancers.  This ancient tradition is the only one left in Panama that uses the real Cucua attire.


Mendoza Falls and The San Miguel River

Mendoza Falls is a 35 foot high waterfall on the resort grounds

On our grounds is Mendoza Falls.  One of the day tours includes a morning tour of the San Miguel River and how trout are caught in this mountain river followed by a swim. After the drying off we retreat to a relaxing lunch at the base of Mendoza falls.

The San Miguel River averages 30 meters wide


Don Leonardo's Coffee Plantation

We will take you to the century old coffee plantation at the foot of the resort.  The next step is a walk down the San Miguel River path to the horse powered trapiche which grinds the coffee.  Coffee is still cooked in the traditional way. You will drink coffee from Don Leonardo's 100 year old trees which have been in the family for generations.  The pillon is the last leg of the coffee tour, this is a real treat to see and maybe the favorite of the tour.

Horse back tour through Don Leonardo's Coffee Plantation

Don Leonardo on the trail to his coffee


Mountain Climbing Tour

In this part of the world mountain climbing is a way of life.  From the youngest to the oldest, the local population will out climb the some of the top mountain climbing figures in the world.  This is a full day excursion starting early in the morning.  We bring lunch and rain gear.  This is one of the most fun days on the tour as you will be astounded by the beauty and the rigorous climb.

Mount Cerro La Vieja is a great climb full of jungle birds and wildlife.  To reach the top is a mountain climbing adventure you will never forget.

Some guest make the mountain roads their dream cross country course

The mountain trails are green with
unique jungle vegetation.

The Panama Jungle - amongst the most luscious jungles in the world.

The Real Panama Hats and The Cardenas Artisan Center

This Panama Hat is over 20 years old and still used daily

Panama Hats are amongst the most famous hats in the world.  Completely hand made, the Panama Hat takes a minimum of 30 hours of hand labor to make

A new Panama Hat

Each day a local guest artist will be on hand to show you their style of sculpture, painting, carving and many more styles of art.  the featured pieces are made of soap stone and the turtle is made of bone.  A traditional Cucua artist will be on hand one day to show this unique form of art based on the Cucua Tree.


Eco Tour Coclé

This tour, lead by our resident green thumb, Veto.   You will learn how different plant life grows at different altitudes and the San Miguel River ecology system.

Gardenia flowers grow at the resort.

The Otoe plant, shown above, produces a root, shown below, used in soups and casseroles.

Yucca Root Glossary Term

Coffee production is not the only coffee production in San Miguel Centro.  Shown here are thousands of coffee plants ready for transport to market.

Agriculture is the majority of the local market.  Veto and his crew work the year around growing season.  Depending on the season you will learn the agrarian culture that has been in place for a thousand years.  Below, Veto inspects his rice field.  This is the only rice field in San Miguel Centro.

Lead Ecologist Veto is sought our by the Peace Corp for his knowledge.

If studying insects is of interest to you we have some of the most interesting bugs in the world.  the San Miguel Centro jungle environment host insects that are studied by the Smithsonian Institute because of this unique ecology.

Walking Stick  walking a string at the San Miguel Centro Resort.


Toucans and Mountain Birds

Panama is the largest sanctuary of migratory birds in the world.  this is due to the south hemisphere migrating north and the northern hemisphere species migrating south.  Rare birds are every where and our strategically placed birdfeeders with give you close and designated locations to take photographs of all the birds.

Cocle Toucan in the wild on the
San Miguel Centro Resort grounds.


The San Miguel Centro Excursion

The town of San Miguel Centro is a small quiet town at the end of the road into the Cocle mountains.  Either baseball season or soccer season are usually in play and the local athletes are used to the Americans visiting their game.  The school and church are always busy and open for a visit.

San Miguel Centro has one store, Kiosk style.

The Resort


This traditional mountain estate consist of 6 dwellings including community kitchen, shower and bathroom.  The resort accommodates up to 30 people comfortably.

Resort commons area Oville Dining Pavilion

Casa Cholo is the high ground house overlooking the resort

view from Casa Cholo

Clean running water is provided from our mountain well.  Our water is the cleanest in the country of Panama.  The water system was installed in 2004 and consistently delivers exceptionally clean running water and has good pressure as well.

All San Miguel Centro Resort lights are battery, kerosene or solar.  All walkways are lit with sidewalk lights  and each dwelling has multiple lighting fixtures for entrance, living room and reading.  Each person is provided a flash light or extra night lumination.  We have 4 different flashlight styles to chose from.



Resident Chef, Jose Carlos, is a culinary master who is sought by many restaurants in Panama City

All food is brought in fresh from the province capital by The Real Tours of Panama management.  Each meal is prepared in traditional Panama fashion.  Meal planning is part of our simple questionnaire to meet your culinary wishes. 

Here one of Jose Carlos's assistants chops the wood for
the traditional "lenia" cooking preparation

      River Trout is a specialty

A lite lunch is served daily

Dinner under the Cashew trees is a favorite at San Miguel Centro Resort. Indoor dining is served at the Oville Dining Pavilion. This open air facility has  traditional pencá roof and  overlooks The San Miguel valley.  All food is served in a totally clean  family style environment.  The servers will never let your glass go empty. 


Our resident Tour Guide Veto Mendoza

Veto lives and wife live at the resort full time.  A life long resident of San Miquel Veto is a master builder of traditional and modern concrete dwellings.  All of his major tools are hand made and he molds each concrete block using a hand made jig to keep consistency within each block.  Veto built the house behind him using these tools and techniques.

Veto oversees all of the local staffing.

The full staff consist of over thirty trained staff to meet the need of any special event that you may want.  The resort has 24 hour service and security on duty 24 hours a day as well. 

The Transportation

Mountain Transport and Airport Shuttle

We provide transportation from the airport in either
traditional Coclè style or in fully air conditioned vehicles


Some trips on the mountain are very exciting with cattle rushes and high rivers.

Other mountain crossings are serine and quiet with school  children riding their horse to school.   The mountain rode below is the  greenest road on the tour.   This stretch of road is just outside  San  Pedro  heading  to  San Miguel Centro Resort

The Memories

Photography and Video

Professional photography and video service is available for all aspects of the tour.  Our portrait angles and lighting will keep your memories fresh for years to come.


You will feel like you have been into the National Geographic and back out again.  No need to pinch yourself once you go back home.  We provide photography and video services to really make your friends jealous of your incredible experience at San Miguel Centro Resort.

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Video of The San Miguel Centro Resort of Cocle Panama

Narrated by Tour Director Blake Spurlin

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